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DIMOSA by DiArt- Olot

Foundation DIMOSA In 1964, 10 workshops major Olot together and founded DIMOSA, standing as a manufacturer imágnes religious leader in the Spanish market with more than 400 workers.

Birth imagery Until the first decades of the nineteenth century, the "Saints" were present only on the altars of the church for religious cults. It is from 1830 when the religious imagery began to appear in particular clan or family, making mass production needed cards, lithographs and religious images. It is in this context that founded workshops and industries to supply this demand and, in the middle of the twentieth century came to employ more than 1,000 workers.

Reborn brand DIMOSA Unfortunately, in 2009 DIMOSA closed doors, being bought a year to the day after DiArt Olot, which reopens the factory and again make the "Saints" hiring new employees much of which formed part of the company and the firm intention to regain market brand DIMOSA. Thus, currently DiArt Olot again distribute "Sants d'Olot" both in the local market as the European (mainly in Italy, Portugal and Malta) and begins to export to the US.

Olot and imagery Characteristically, Olot pioneered this art, craft after the famous neighborhood of St. Sulpice in Paris collaborate with members of the local burquesia showing their craftsmanship techniques that have been handed down over generations until the day today.

Saints for Olot DIMOSA by DiArt Olot, Girona located in the town of Olot, is the leading Spanish company level artisanal production of religious images, an activity with over a century of existence qua had an impact and currently has very important in the religious community across the country. The images made in our workshops, known as "Saints of Olot," are built with wood pulp molding, original models from well-known sculptors. They protrude their eyes glazed and decorated with handmade oil painting, borders and gold, along the lines of the famous art of St. Sulpice, a native of Paris.

DIMOSA by DiArt-Olot In 2011 the brand acquires Diart Olot DIMOSA stressing that incorporated over 2,000 original catalog of more than one hundred years and sculptural quality indisputable.

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DIMOSA a world leader in the manufacture of religious imagery.

Specialty Company The specialty of the company is the production of images of saints and Easter steps, nativity figures, decorative figures, show business, as well as antiques and emblematic.

Manufacturing The figures are manufactured from special paste or pulp, to Portland cement, and the eyes are made of glass. Also, you can see images of RIGHT level of detail that can have the figures, depending on customer requirements.

Quality DIMOSA Each piece DIMOSA can be considered unique because it is hand-crafted with quality products and the patience and dedication that deserves religious imagery.

Warranty DIMOSA The warranty by our customers that we manufacture in DIMOSA figures are not equivalent in terms of quality and uniqueness make our product is known and appreciated worldwide.

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Why Paraguay?

The main objective of DiArt Olot is to keep the business and the old tradition of "Saints of Olot," and it wants to go hard to the American market. Thus, in 2014 the production is recovering former customers of the brand in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Panama, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia. For this purpose DiArt Olot been established in Paraguay, a country where the religious imagery has a special significance given the important religious population.

Facilities The factory is a workshop for 750 square meters, settled in City of the East, where the material can be sent by land to nearly 400 million people in neighboring countries. 10 workers are employed in the workshop, a number that the company intends to expand gradually in the coming years to create the workshop of the world's largest religious imagery as it was half a century ago DIMOSA

DIMOSA PARAGUAY online sale (only America) Visit our online store to sell only in America from our factory in Paraguay




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